Our Mission

Council on Innovation and Success in Online Learning (CISOL) exists to

1. affirm and advance educational standards in online learning,

2. support organizations that are committed to educational innovation and learner success, and

3. raise public awareness of positive online learning outcomes.

Affirm and Advance Educational Standards in Online Learning

Affirming standards and best practices in the fragmented industry of online learning is an important part of CISOL’s mission. By bringing together constitutents throughout the industry including public and private companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and independent learning professionals, as well as a host of affiliates on the periphery of the industry, CISOL has become the common denominator in the aggregation of standards in online learning. To that end, CISOL provides several voluntary services to verify the quality of member programs including program and institutional peer-review accreditation, internal audits, and organization research services (ie. emerging markets, trends research).


In addition to being the forum for members to collaborate on online learning standards and best practices, CISOL conducts extensive member and industry-wide research on a variety of topics related to online learning. Sharing information is of critical importance to advance the online learning industry and CISOL is committed to being the clearinghouse of the useful insights and practices of our members.

Support Organizations that are Committed to Educational Innovation and Success

CISOL exists to support forward-thinking organizations that have committed to innovation leading to successful learner outcomes. As the use of internet technology has increased, so has the need for support of organizations dedicated to vetting, researching, and practicing quality methodologies, technologies, and curriculum. CISOL supports its member organizations by distributing relevant content such as white papers and industry reports, providing events and networking opportunities for industry professionals, acting as a forum for members to collaborate and share information, and raising public awareness and support of effective online learning practices.

Raise Public Awareness of Positive Online Learning Outcomes

Demonstrating the successful outcomes of modern online learning practices to the public at large is core to CISOL’s Mission. In many instances, there is a significant gap between public perception of online education and its true effectiveness. CISOL promotes the practices of effective online learning and champions the organizations responsible for these successful learner outcomes. As a diverse community of constituents throughout the learning and development industry, CISOL aims to unite the community with a single voice to raise public awareness of positive online learning outcomes.